Emergency and crisis management

In an emergency –
acting purposefully and decisively

In most cases, an emergency or crisis occurs unexpectedly and is normally characterised by high time pressure and - depending on the extent of the event - strong media interest. If no preventive emergency and crisis management exists at this point in time, this situation can escalate very quickly into uncontrollable chaos.

The consequences, such as a loss of confidence among customers, damage to public image, and lost orders and profits, are often still noticeable years later. SecCon Group GmbH is the right partner for exposed private people, companies and institutions, when it comes to building up sturdy and legal emergency and crisis organisation.

Our services for building up a preventive emergency and crisis management system

  • Identification of the risks and weak points
  • Establishing of a legal emergency organisation
  • Development of a crisis plan with concrete organisational and operational structure
  • Training of the crisis team
  • Crisis communication training for company spokespeople
  • Active consultation in crisis situations
  • 365/7/24 crisis hotline
  • Risk identification
  • Establishing of emergency organisation
  • Establishing of crisis organisation
  • Provision of crisis hotline 24/7
  • Reactive crisis team support 24/7

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