Family Security Office

Professional and discrete
security strategies for exposed families

The Family Security Office of the SecCon Group GmbH provides exposed clients and their families with uninterrupted security in all areas of life. Discretion, care and trust are the core values of our commitment to you. We adapt our approach to your personal circumstances and respect your privacy in harmony with the jointly defined security objectives. For this, we cooperate closely with police and state security organisations. Our hand-picked personal protectors, trained in emergency medicine, ensure robust security for people and property, while discretely in the background, and possess a high degree of social sensitivity, especially when accompanying children.

Our services listed below build upon each other as modules and can be successively and rapidly adapted to individual needs and changes in the security situation

Hazard Analysis

  1. Interview on the personal security situation
  2. Property security analysis
  3. Analysis of “visibility” in publicly accessible media
  4. Recommendations for an appropriate security strategy

Basic Protective Measures

  1. Sensitisation measures for adults, children and domestic staff regarding risk-aware behaviour
  2. Support in the implementation of property protection measures derived from the property security analysis
  3. Setting up of an individually accessible 24/7 crisis hotline

Enhanced Protective Measures

  1. Production of a preventive personal protection concept
  2. Development of preventive crisis management
  3. Background screening of employees

Enhanced protective measures in the case of increased threat

  1. Carrying out of prior clarification measures
  2. Enhancing of the property protection measures
  3. Implementation of mobile emergency call transmitters and GPS-based vehicle monitoring
  4. Direct personal protection in the case of concrete threat
  5. Direct personal protection for trips abroad and/or in countries with high crime rates and/or weak medical infrastructure

Crisis Management

  1. Coordination of all security-relevant immediate measures in threat situations
  2. Consultation and moderating in the crisis team for the coordination of the initial and subsequent measures
  3. Forensic measures for identifying perpetrators and the conservation of evidence, e.g. in the case of threatening calls, blackmail letters or product contamination
  4. Management of on-site teams, if coordinated crisis team work is required in other cities or countries
  5. Contact / go-between to the security services, to represent the interests of our clients effectively and sustainably
  • Hazard analysis of environment
  • Individual protective measures
  • Crisis hotline 24/7
  • Crisis Management
  • Worldwide security network

Case Study
Prevention of an
imminent child abduction.