Personal Protection

The highest security
for people in exposed positions

Living and working with peace of mind, with a maximum of security: This is what the personal security measures of the SecCon Group stand for.

Whether you are a manager, asset holder, or public figure, now more than ever, an exposed position can in itself be a security risk. Through the development and operational implementation of individual and strategically high-quality security concepts we achieve an optimum of personal security while at the same time influencing the quality of life and privacy of our clients as little as possible.


Thorough hazard analyses at the start of the order already identify potential risks in the run-up. Sensitive and flexible protective measures are developed on the basis of the identified risks. The individual measures are layered upon each other and can be successively adapted to the individual requirements depending on changes in the security situation.

Examples of measures:

  • Preventive measures for the detection of actions preparatory to the committing of offences against protected persons and relevant properties, through media monitoring, investigations and reconnaissance measures
  • Access to our 24/7, continually staffed emergency hotline and thereby constant access to your individual Security Manager
  • Security and awareness training for private and occupational environments
  • Property audits of all relevant residential and work properties (e.g. regarding structural and technical security measures)
  • Discrete, direct accompaniment of the protected persons in the case of a concrete dangerous situation
  • Direct personal protection on trips to high-risk countries and/or in countries with high crime rates and weak medical infrastructure
  • Property protection measures even during absence (e.g. during professional and private travel)
  • Qualified intervention measures in the event of alarms and suspicions
  • Establishing of crisis management for worst-case scenarios


  • Preventive protective concepts
  • Discrete and effective protective measures
  • Protective accompaniment with background in emergency medicine
  • Global activities in high-risk countries

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