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Sometimes a threat in an argument means little and the bothersome Facebook admirer is not automatically a genuine stalking risk for your child. So should you not react at all? Or act after all, but perhaps do exactly the wrong thing?

Anyone who is uncertain of the extent of a threat or of what the best reaction is, will receive from SecCon Group GmbH the security of a professional initial consultation with risk assessment and the pointing out of options for action.

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Initial consultation for worries about family, privacy and property

Know what has to be done: An initial analysis of the situation and hazards will provide you with clarity and certainty. This means: Together we can rule out unnecessary concerns, while concentrating on justified worries and developing an appropriate and at the same time effective strategy for risk prevention

We advise and support our clients successfully in all conceivable security situations, incl.:

  • Stalking
  • Extortion and fraud
  • Threat scenarios
  • Dangerous behaviour and threatening of children and adolescents
  • Damage to property or trespass

  • Disturbance of your private sphere and endangering of your professional success
  • Searching for missing property with securing of stolen or misappropriated goods
  • Searching for persons and targeted searches for discovery of whereabouts, e.g. of debtors
  • Recovery of children from abroad in cooperation with native experts (law, security, logistics)



In such cases, the initial consultation usually pursues three objectives:

1. Risk with clarification and assessment of the hazard situation

It makes little sense to “take sledgehammer to crack a nut”. Instead, it is important to find a proportional answer to dangers that does not place unnecessary strain on your everyday life. We therefore first of all evaluate the threat according to its damage potential and its probability of occurrence. From this, we derive the type, scope and urgency of protection.

The right measures can reach from defensive prevention (e.g. precautionary rules and behavioural training) to intervention at short notice – always following the rule: As little reaction as possible and as much as necessary. Very often, small measures already have the desired success if one takes them early on and correctly right from the beginning.

2. Strategy development in harmony with security objectives and life habits

In the next step, we define security objectives and plan the work that is to be estimated in the respective case. Then, from alternative measures and strategies, you can choose the ones that best fulfil your need for protection and a lack of disturbance to your life.

3. Strategy implementation with state-trained security specialists

The objective is to create security. We here work exclusively with state and professionally knowledgeable security specialists. You will be called upon where necessary to give your assessment of a threat and to contribute your competencies in situations such as, among others, investigation, personal protection and property protection.

  • Assessment of the threatening situation
  • Strategy development
  • Strategy implementation

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