Discrete clearing up of offences
and crime risks in companies

Investigating perpetrators, documenting offences to meet court standards, closing gaps in security: As an investigator we clear up economic and property crimes in your company in an actionable way and protect against further occurrences.


Whether it be large-scale shoplifting or employees selling valuable secrets to competitors: Companies today can be affected by a wide range of forms of criminality. Many offences reach dimensions where they can be a threat to the company’s continued existence. This makes it all the more important that they be cleared up swiftly and professionally.


In the framework of our investigations, our specialists cooperate closely with your company’s in-house services and security officers. Careful documentation ensures that evidence and explanations reliably satisfy the standards of public prosecution departments and courts – while at the same time allowing the freedom to leave the matter with internal sanctions at one’s own discretion.


All on-site measures, such as the securing of evidence, or the questioning and interrogation of people, are carried out with the utmost discretion using investigators with police investigative expertise.


Examples of services in the area of investigations (individually configurable):

  • Early detection through systematic checking of all work processes for weak points
  • Security checks for new employees (including from partner companies)
  • Advising and instruction of security officers
  • Detection of perpetrators through open and covert investigations into a concrete offence
  • Preservation of evidence (observation with concealed video, image, audio and data monitoring using the latest technologies – including checking by lawyers to ensure usability in court)
  • Early detection
  • Loss prevention
  • Conservation of evidence
  • Security strategy

Case Study
Solving of case of
classic insider theft.