Information Security

Holistic specialist solutions for
the protection of your information

Economic, competitor and industrial espionage is a steadily increasing threat for national and international concerns, administrations and organisations. For this reason, it is indispensable, in the field of risk management, to install efficient and effective information protection, to safeguard the existence of companies and to prevent losses. Our experienced specialists offer you comprehensive all-round protection for the safety of your information.

Our Aim

Especially in the case of holistic protective measures, very sound and comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge in the fields of engineering and physics is required, due to the complexity of the problems involved. Efficient and effective information protection can only be achieved with a scientific approach and with above-average technical knowledge. This is provided for you by our highly specialised team of experts, equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Sometimes we use in-house developed and fully thought-out measuring procedures and methods – especially in the high-tech sector – in order to be able to react immediately to new threat scenarios. We aim to offer bugging protection at the highest and most modern level.

Our Services and Solutions:

  • Holistic, technical and physical anti-eavesdropping checks and implementation of the protective measures resulting from them
  • Telecommunication and information protection with integrated eavesdropping protection
  • Eavesdropping security and protection in technical areas across the whole radio spectrum to radar applications, electricity, acoustics, optics etc.
  • Technically fully developed and practice-oriented security solutions – stationary and mobile

Bugging protection / anti-eavesdropping checks:

  • Detection of transponder-based bugging devices
  • Examination of your premises for passive electronic components
  • Detection of infra-red and laser bugging equipment
  • Optoelectronic detection of video lenses etc.
  • Measurement of the acoustic and electromagnetic transmission characteristics of your premises
  • Visual and measurement technology examination of the telecommunication/IT connections and lines
  • Detection of listening and locating systems in vehicles, aircraft and ships
  • Examination of telecommunication systems for bugging, security weak points and sabotage possibilities
  • Production of results reports, expert opinions, weak point analyses with effective proposed solutions
  • IT penetration tests

Technical Eavesdropping Protection:

  • Holistic eavesdropping protection checks for the detection of absolutely any technical possibilities of information outflow
  • Technical revision, IT security analyses, penetration tests
  • Detection of GSM bugging systems, WLAN and DECT security problems, analysis of manipulations and/or sabotage
  • Convention and conference surveillance
  • Accompanying crisis management

Structural bugging protection:

  • Concept production, project planning, planning, implementation, evaluation, surveying and acceptance of listening-protected and listening-proof rooms and buildings with increased need for protection
  • Acceptance and regular validation of the acoustic and electromagnetic minimum requirements of your listening-protected premises

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