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With this claim, we have been one of Germany’s leading service providers in our segment for almost three decades.

On the basis of numerous demanding briefs, we possess a great amount of experience about possible dangers and threats, and their effective prevention and repulsion. This applies to an equal extent to personal protection and to the development of a security architecture for companies, and the protection of critical infrastructures or complex major events. 

All employees, without exception, have spent many years in special roles in the police or German armed forces. With intensive continued training we ensure the standards that go without saying for us, in training, experience and personality.

Criminal and child psychologists, senior emergency physicians, specialists from the disciplines of IT and technology, certified emergency and crisis managers and ... are a firm part of our teams of advisers, and form the core of our individual security management with their high level of professional expertise.

Our activity follows four principles


Hand-picked, experienced, and technically and socially capable employees guarantee that our actions are always goal-oriented and discrete. We use exclusively professionals with a proven security background in state and private special units.


30 years of operational experience combined with proven professional knowledge are our foundations for averting dangers effectively.


We implement every security concept with great consistency - we counter concrete threats in an energetic and hands-on way.


Our appearance and intervention are oriented exclusively to the individual danger situation. Discrete and offensive, the top priority in every situation is prudent and level-headed action.

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The appreciation of our clients

SecCon Group GmbH enjoys the long-standing appreciation of famous clients, who experience security as a relief, the recovery of quality of life and an entrepreneurial opportunity for development. This is our task and at the same time our personal obligation: We are committed to ensuring that security means freedom for you – the freedom to once again be able to live, work and enjoy with peace of mind.

Markus Weidenauer
Executive Director SecCon Group GmbH

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