Case Study

Prevention of an
imminent child abduction


There is already a certain awareness for abductions carried out abroad by terrorists or criminals. The danger of domestic abductions is, however, underestimated. Such an offense is also a serious threat in this country, particularly as the extortion of ransom is a source of income with a calculable risk for the perpetrators. The fact that anyone’s financial circumstances, including income and investment levels, is relatively easily accessible in today’s modern, interconnected world, significantly increases the threat potential for wealthy people.



SecCon Group was hired to clear the situation of danger for a prominent family due to the very first signs of suspicious activity. As part of an effort to shed some light on the situation, our team worked quickly, carrying out professional investigations to communicate any anomalies that indicated suspicion of a planned child abduction.



One of the first measures for analysing the threat was professional questioning of friends and employees. The information they provided showed that contact had already been initiated with the perpetrator. It was also discovered that information had been communicated, both directly and indirectly, pertaining to the sensitive behaviour patterns of the protected persons, namely the children.
These suspicions were further confirmed through targeted observations of the suspected perpetrator by the SecCon Group. The gathered evidence was then passed on to the investigating authorities upon request by the client.



After the arrest of the suspect, it was determined that a child abduction had been planned and was soon to be executed. The date and course of action of the crime were outlined in detail. The detention of the criminals whilst still in the preparation phase thus prevented a serious criminal offense. The security authorities gave much recognition to the SecCon Group for the methodical approach and close collaboration.