Case Study

Solving of case of
classic insider theft


An international, medium-sized company in the machine and tool construction sector was alarmed by noticeable differences and material shrinkage in the primary delivery warehouses.

The amount of damages had already reached the six-digit range



The SecCon Group GmbH was hired to investigate the facts and work on a catalogue of preventative measures for the early detection of insider theft.

The case analysis had already uncovered that this case involved extensive highly criminal activity.



An evaluation of the facts led to the discovery that the misappropriated high-value spare parts were being sold both domestically and abroad via various channels.

This distribution was taking place mainly via various online platforms although fixed and regular buyers were also found. Through various mock purchases and intense observation measures, the distribution channels could be identified, allowing us to trace them back to the actual “insider perpetrator” within the damaged company.



The SecCon Group GmbH team, consisting of officially qualified investigators, IT experts and observation specialists, was able to determine the front men who then led to the main perpetrators within the company.

After being presented with the overwhelming evidence during questioning by the SecCon Group team, the employees involved confessed.

The client was able to conduct the appropriate employment law-related measures and claim damages outside of court.

Such incidents in the future can now be prevented through the optimisation of existing security guidelines and training of the responsible staff.